Friday, December 30, 2011

Jesus Fish

I have been thinking. Yes just thinking, of getting another tattoo. I know, I know, y'all sound like my Daddy!! lol. I have been kind of infatuated with the Jesus fish. Do you know what I am talking about? Well I get my mind on something and I have to do a little research about it. This is a really interesting topic to me. Number one, it is concerning the Lord Jesus Christ and number two, it is concerning the purpose of the Jesus fish that you see on the back of cars. I wonder if the people that have these "Jesus Fish" on their cars really know the meaning of the symbol they are showing off. I would guess not but some may. Either way it really don't matter because it is a good symbol of Christ. 

So the image at the top of the blog with "Jesus" in the center of the fish or the one above that is just the fish symbol are probably the most common that people see. The history goes back to the time of Jesus. The use of the Jesus fish started several years after the ascension of Jesus to Heaven. Christians were persecuted by Romans and Jews. Rome had became a dangerous place to be known as a Christian. Christians came up with a secret code. When two strangers met and thought the other may be a fellow believer, one would draw on the ground, the upper half of the fish symbol. If the other person recognized the symbol, the other stranger would add the second curved line to complete the drawing of the fish. This is a very simple shape to draw with just two curved stokes and could be drawn quickly and erased if there was no sign that the stranger knew the symbol. 

Above is the picture of the tattoo I would like to get (someday). I only get tattoos with meaning to me. I have a cross and a family crest already. These center letters are symbolic as well. Below is the translation from Greek to English. It has great meaning. Jesus Christ, God's Son, Savior.

  • I  - Iesous - Jesus
  • X - Christos Christ
  • O - Theou - God's
  • Y - Yios - Son
  • E - Soter - Savior

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