Monday, March 12, 2012

Being Excited!!

Not exactly sure why, but today, Sunday March 11th 2012, has been a fantastic day. Even though I got little sleep last night, I was willing and able to make it to church after hitting the snooze button three times. I told a friend of mine the other day that I did not like preachers that yell. When I was growing up and would get into trouble, my dad would yell at me and sometimes mom too. Kind of like I was being punished. I have sat through many services were the preacher would yell his sermon. Some people like that. Some people don't and I guess I am one of the some. I don't react well when I am being yelled at, all I hear is yelling and nothing penetrates my shield. I feel more receptive and willing to listen if its in a calm, soothing, loving tone. 

Anyway,  I was wondering this afternoon why my day was so awesome. Could it have been the sermon I not only heard but also felt? What about the Sunday School lesson? This afternoon I was in the backyard. The air was warm and crisp. A slight breeze blowing but warm enough for short sleeves. The sky was Carolina blue with a few clouds floating around. I could hear birds chirping in nature and my chickens clucking. Thinking to myself and looking into the sky, "today is awesome". I don't think it is just one thing but everything together that made me feel really good about life! I started getting pumped up about God from worship and then getting in deeper with discussion during Sunday School. Add God's glorious nature this afternoon, I was in a pretty darn good mood.

I was trying not to think about negative but keeping positive. I still have mom, granted times are not like they use to be with her but she is here for me to enjoy and love. Dad is gone but not forgotten, I have great memories and will see him again someday. Blessed with family even though some have went on to be with the Lord. I have a home (despite the fact my maid left several years ago) that keeps me warm in winter, cool in summer and dry unless I am taking a shower. 

God has blessed me with the ability and knowledge to garden and grow things. I have planted lots of goodies in my raised beds outback so far. I would have to say that my "happy place" is in my garden/animal area behind my house. My asparagus bed has been freshly mulched, carrot, radish, beet, lettuce and pea seed have been sown. Garlic is showing its strength and onions from the fall planting are stretching their arms!! Cabbage plants and a couple of broccoli plants are taking root along with the potato sets I just got in the planters.  

I opened up the back door to the chicken coop and attached the walk for the chickens to go in and out. I sat on the ground on the back side of the fenced in area for the chickens. Watching as they stuck their heads out the door wondering if they should attempt to escape, trying to cokes them out for their first steps on Gods green earth, how awesome I felt when they made their way down the chicken walk into the world. That makes me think of how God must feel when we are doing what he wants us to do. When we walk down the chicken walk into the world that he has created for us, we as "Christians" are hesitant and not wanting to make a mistake or get eaten by this world that can be so over whelming. When I think back at the beginning of the day, during worship, the preacher preached about getting excited about God. Those chickens were excited but also cautious. I am the same way. I am excited about God but I am also cautious when it comes to stepping out, not wanting to get hurt or do something wrong, not wanting to perhaps be a stumbling block to someone else if I mess up. 

I would have to say that I have never felt so positive and up beat about a church family as I do now. I have found my way with Gods help to a home with loving people of God. I am excited!! So I will end this blog now. My ramblings have made me think even more about my walk in life and the things and people that God has blessed me with. I am thankful and pray the Lord will continue to bless me, keep me close and give me courage to walk down the "chicken walk" of life for HIM!! 

God is Good!!!

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